EMI’s Advanced Cutting-Tool Technologies


(U.S. Patents Pending; E.U. Patent Pending)
EMI’s Rotan rotary tangential mount technology employs a round cutting insert that passively rotates due to chip formation. This yields thermal management and continual indexing allowing much higher cutting speeds and extended time between tool servicing/indexing.


(U.S. Patents Issued)
EMI’s Micro-Quantity Internal Cooling (MQuIC™) technology offers extended tool life in finish-machining of difficult-to-machine materials. MQuIC™ technology addresses thermally induced wear by concentrating a cooling medium close to the process heat source.

Micro-Jet Array

(U.S. Patent Issued)
EMI’s Micro-Jet Array (MJA) precision-cooling technology is derivative of the MQuIC™ concept, except that the coolant is applied at micro-scale via jets originating external to the insert rather than from within the insert.

EMI Technologies on the Horizon


(U.S. Patent Issued)
EMI’s ThikCoat™ technology, having recently completed the
commercial feasibility stage under a Phase-I SBIR project, addresses abrasive wear by creating a
significantly thicker hard coating on a substrate than is traditionally possible.

Universal Chip Breaking:

Currently in the technical feasibility stage, EMI’s Universal Chip Breaking (UCB) technology offers a single cutting insert geometry for all cutting classes (rough, medium, finish).


(U.S. Patent Issued)
Applications include vehicular storage for hydrogen- and CNG-based transportation and oxygen/air storage for home medical oxygen patients…